10 Mistakes Frequently Beginner Bloggers

For novice bloggers, the dream of making money from blog results is huge. The burning enthusiasm and the hope of earning a large income becomes the motivation of novice bloggers.

The success stories of predecessor bloggers certainly make people more interested in trying to pursue the world of blogging, but you need to know if there are quite a number of the same mistakes made by many newcomer bloggers.

Next I choose 10 mistakes that are often made beginner bloggers :

1. Big Income is the Main Goal

This error I have experienced, blogger success stories on YouTube that generate tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of motivation motivated me to dive into the world of blogging.
There is no harm in hoping to get income from blogs that we manage and see the blogs of seniors who have succeeded in making millions to hundreds of millions per month is indeed a good motivation.

But we also need to realize that there is no instant success, sometimes we have to get a failure first to be successful. For example rejected AdSense again and again, or have received adsense but the account got banned.

2. Only Focus On Google Adsense

How to get money from various blogs, Google Adsense is only one of them. How not, until now Google Adsense has become the best reference for getting results from blogs.

Actually there are other alternatives besides Google Adsense, including:
Revenue Hits

3. Hurriedly Registering Your Blog To Google Adsense

Publisher age must be at least 18 years, if you are not even 18 years old you should undo your intention to register with Google Adsense. You can wait until you are 18 years old while improving your blog.

In addition to the age of the owner, the age of the blog must also remain concerned
Many sources say that Google Adsense only wants to accept blogs with a minimum age of 6 months. If you force your will to become a Google Adsense publisher immediately, be prepared to be disappointed. Because, there are many bloggers who are too in a hurry to register their blog to Google Adsense even though the blog is still daily, weekly, or one / two months.

4. Not Maximizing SEO

Since the existence of search engines like Google, almost everyone is looking for information online through search engines.
From data published by Google, websites that rank first to third get a cumulative total click of more than 50%.
The first rank alone gets more than 20%.
This shows how important SEO is for your website, with the help of SEO you can get thousands to tens of thousands of visitors per day.

More than that, visitors from search engines are people who are hungry for information and want to buy products.
SEO is a part of inbound marketing which is a modern marketing technique in the digital age.
Inbound marketing, including SEO, is the least costly marketing method compared to traditional marketing techniques.

However, many bloggers ignore it.

5. Not Want to Learn to Write Quality Articles

Desires that are not matched with adequate capabilities will produce quality articles that are not good. Plus I don't want to learn to write, I want to be instant.
If you do not want to learn to write an article, you have the potential to become a copyist of someone else's article, and of course that is not recommended.

6. Blog Design Not good

Mistakes beginner bloggers usually do not pay attention to the design, as long as cool without paying attention to loading, blinding eye color combination, excessive use of widgets, and placing ads excessively.
Avoid the things above to increase visitors, make visitors comfortable visiting our blog.

7. Choosing the Right Niche

Niche is a theme that you will present on blogs, for example health, sports, technology, recipes, or travel. Many beginner bloggers write with a niche that they do not like, only with advice from friends that the niche is more easily accepted by Google Adsense.
Choose a niche that you like, because if you choose the wrong niche you will have difficulty writing articles.

8. Not Consistent

Writing 2 articles every day is better than 60 articles once a month, because blogs that are passive or rarely write articles will usually disappear from search engines and visitors will be reduced.

9. Easy to Give Up

Avoid the nature of giving up easily, giving up because the blog is rejected by google adsense, giving up because visitors are a little, giving up because the balance on the google adsense account does not increase. Success is not achieved instantly, keep learning and improving your blog.

10. Ignore The About Page, Contact Me, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Make these 4 main pages in your blog then place them on the menu so that they are easily read by anyone who visits your blog :
About: May also make it with the name About Me or About Us. The goal is that visitors and Google know who you really are and what exactly the content and purpose of this blog.
Contact Me: This page aims to provide information for your visitors so that they can contact you when they need help while visiting your blog.
Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy is actually easy because you can make it online through the Privacy Policy maker site.
Disclaimer: Disclaimer function to notify users that the results of articles on your blog are outside your responsibility to visitors. This page is usually used by blogs that contain information about tutorials, videos, and blogs that contain content that has original sources such as manga, anime, and so on.

Those are 10 mistakes that are usually made by novice bloggers, hopefully we can take lessons from this article.

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